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Graphic Frock of the day, by Tibi

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Warning: glasses may be required for 2d viewing..

Better angle... on Twitpic

Arterial Butterflies

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Is it a map of my lungs and arteries, or is it a butterfly?

The dress that tells the inside story... on Twitpic

Fall Blog Entries Coming – Post your topic suggestions here!

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Does this blog make me look fat?

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This blog, authored by yours truly, ClosetSmarts, is the continuation of a blog project that started at AOL’s Stylelist….it is devoted to helping real sized and reality based women find clothes that will look good on THEIR bodies and work for their lives.  You’ll find advice here on the shape and style of clothes and who they will work for (and against), as well as links (active in the more recent posts) to accessible and affordable stores at which little ‘ole you might even buy (and be able o afford!) some of these items – how novel!  You are welcome to check back on my AOL past here , or,  just start with me again right here…oh, and please do check out my website.  I am happy to come on over and jump start your wardrobe as well:

More coming soon!


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