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Rachel Zoe picks her nose! I pick good shoes…

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(yeah no, sorry, those are $1250…..keep dreamin…Ralph Lauren Brea Python Crystal Sandal)

Though I have to say Zappos is my god, every once in a while I give Piperlime a try – hey, more reward points at the Gap to spend on my son’s wardrobes,  right?  It always annoys me, though, that a stylist to the stars gets to say what’s what in shoe wear – are we celebrities?  Are our shoe wear needs the same ? No!  So here are some of Emily Neill’s picks!

So first, I have to say I bought these lovely shoes in teal from Zappos (they have more colors than Piperlime) and they are as fabulous as they look— AND comfortable! (if you are used to wearing heels, that is) – the 1 inch stack on the footbed really lowers the feel of the heel – they make your feet look great!



NineWest Demode

However, if heels aren’t something you’re totally comfortable with, here is a really practical but stylish looking mary jane by Tsubo (Tsubo also makes fabulous looking fashion sneakers, but we’ll go there another time) – check ’em out:


In the same vein, a wedge is a great option for those who like a bit more support, but still enjoy the extra height a heel can offer.  These dark red (they call them purple) wedges by Miz Mooz are a great alternative to the usual black and brown:


Everyone loves fall for the boots, but I have to say, I have not been bowled over by this season’s selection.  There was a girl in my office the other day whose boots made me ask her if I could touch them – they were that lovely – this deep brown suede that looked so plush and as I uttered the soft words Franco Sarto, she concurred and whispered the heartbreaking words, “3 seaons ago…I keep them in a drawer in my office…” 

That said, I have not seen boots this season that made me feel that feeling.  But here are some basic good ones, to start up your boot wardrobe. 

If you’re going to get an ankle boot (which I asusme means you already have a few other pairs and can afford such a fashion extravagance), why not go for something with a little personality (i.e. – not black).  Here’s an ankle boot with some exceptional style and in a great caramel brown, by Chelsea:



But basic black is where you have to start.  Here’s a good one to get you off and running, that won’t wear your feet down, by Naturalizer:



If you just can’t do any kind of heel, Anne Klein does a nice wedge, and her boots are known (by me) to be exceptionally comfortable and wearable (in the daily sense, I swear).  In brown, again, for a bit of variety:



If you’re ready to branch out in the boot department, and add a little sass to your wardrobe, check out these great red westerns by Lucky:


My friend in Seattle swears by these ankle boots by Chie Mihara (she has them in black). They are very pricey but as she says, since turning 40 she ONLY buys shoes that look AND feel good…I’m not quite there yet (in the sense that I won’t spend the money and I WILL suffer for good looking shoes), but of course, I’ll always warn you:


Back to the heel wearers among you, here’s the high speed tour of this entire website:


Gorgeous color, comfortable heel height, basic tasteful pump. Next:KennethColeSewingKit_10

Wine patent leather peep toe – totally sexy, but also, useful!  By Kennth Cole. Next:


Similar, a bit higher, and suede, great front detail, check it out, by Nine West – Luscious!  Next:


Can you tell I love reds shoes?  Wine red mary jane, can’t be beat! It’s the little style details that count, like rouching! By Tahiri. And next:RestrictedAudrey_13 The adorable t-strap for those of you who love to wear skirts and tights in the fall and winter and don’t default to the uniform..aren’t these edible?  And then there’s….


this funky mary jane by Not Rated…The teal heel, the thick caramel strap and oversized brass buckle, the leather edging, what the? I’m in love…and also, I just ordered them…is there any better advertisement?  Onward:


I always like to end on a sassy high note – these have got it all– quirky and stylish in just the right way – make them yours and they will last you many seasons…

All of these shoes can be found on Piperlime here (except those Ralph Lauren dream shoes):

Stop gawking and get shopping!


A Few of My favorite Things

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A Few Of My Favorite (Spring) Things

 As I shop about putting together themed entries for this blog and thinking about how all the different bodies are going to work for them, yes, I get distracted, distracted by beautiful, adorable, covetable things that may or may not make sense to have in your wardrobe.  But isn’t fashion all about the little indulgences once in a while?  The best indulgencesare pieces that have a lot of personality, but don’t get so specific that they look odd (read: unwearable) the next season.  Here is my Ode to Spring Things:

The beautiful pear green of this simple spring sandal from Boden makes me get all a flutter inside..great with a dark denim now, or with a lovely summer print dress later, or even capris for a work look…they’re not THAT high, c’mon…

Boden Pear Sandals_1

And while you’re shopping at Boden, here’s a terrific, classic, never go out of style silver wedge sling back that will carry you through the ages in futuristic style – nothing sasses up an ordinary outfit easier than some metallic on your feet – these are the bomb:

Boden Silver Wedge_2


For Boden shoes:

If you’re a collector and love little jackets for those in-between seasons, check out this cool turquoise number from Urban Outfitters…it’s making me want to develop a coat fetish (okay, maybe I already have one..)

UO Turquoise Jacket_3


 And while you’re at Urban, and it’s still tights season, check out these peacock feather embossed tights – such an awesome little dash of style for an otherwise straightforward look.  Let ‘em know you’re thinking about it (and you’ve got it covered):

UO Coll Tights_4

I love sparkly things, even if they aren’t so practical.  This sparkly tunic, however, is as close as you’re going to get to totally versatile sequins..weddings, a night out for drinks, or with a jacket layered over top to tone it down for a more average night out and about…I DID say this was an ode to no-so-necessary- fashion items, didn’t I? From Free People, and it comes in a gorgeous purple as well…

FP Sequin Tunic_5 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this red white and blue – perfect dress for the 4th, but also just a great summer dress in a basic (flattering) cut, that really can’t go wrong.  Yes, there’s a bow in the back – you can see it with a miscroscope here- which is totally adorable, but don’t you want to be adorable too?  From Anthropologie:
Anthro Red White Blue_6Anthro Red White Blue Bow.6a

For something a little more bohemian, check out this halter dress from Anthropologie – I love the color combination here, exotic and yet tameable, and it’s a high-sided halter so no worries about underarm fat bulging or a larger bust, it should work for everyone.  Wear it with flip flips around your spring/summer haunts, or pair it with nicer sandals and a clutch for an event:

Anthro Halter Dress_7

These shoes make me wanna cry, mostly because they’re sold out in my size…I think they are the perfect combination of classic and funky and also, brown and teal make my world feel right..all sighs here….if you have the 6.5 contact me..I’ll make an offer..(also from Anthropologie)

Anthro Teal Wedge_8
Now go indulge yourselves on a few unnecessary Spring Things!